“Virtualization” of clinical trials and how 83bar fits the model

April 26, 2019

One of the industry trends we’re following is the virtualization of clinical trials. This is a direct-to-patient model that actually brings a clinical trial to the patient’s home.

This direct-to-patient model breaks away from traditional methods of getting patients to a handful of clinical trial sites. This is certainly consistent with our direct-to-patient activation model.

We’ve seen our 83bar system accelerate enrollment and increase the speed, so it’s natural for us to now explore direct-to-patient trial execution that includes:

  • delivering a diagnostic to the patient’s home,
  • shipping the drug to the patient’s home, and
  • scheduling a nurse visit to the patient’s home
  • utilizing our tele-nurse call network for follow-up.

Ultimately, these new models are challenging us to adapt our processes and how we work with our partners. We’re looking forward to leveraging our best practices and those of others to continue to respond faster – which will help bring more medical innovations to patients faster.

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