Recognizing Patients as Consumers

July 10, 2018

How Patient Engagement is Changing the Consumerism of Healthcare

A recent LinkedIn article questions whether or not patients are thinking more actively as consumers and assigning value not only to their quality of care but to their patient experience as well. In an industry where transparency is underprioritized and insurance companies dictate the patient experience rather than the patients, a new model for establishing the cornerstone of patient care is looming. As patients become more familiar with their options and spend their own money on treatment, they may become more invested in addressing the inherent flaws with a system that caters more to corporations than to patients. In its present state, patient consumers are still at the mercy of their insurance company or physician when it comes to purchasing medicine or treatment. They may be more informed than ever before, but the path to purchasing the treatment they may think they want still comes with roadblocks. That said, the model to put to the test is one where patients are treated as consumers; as having options and as being well-informed of their disease state. Defaulting to this assumption will build trust between patient and provider while improving the relationship and thus the experience of anyone seeking medical treatment. 83bar has been at the forefront of this conversation for years, building relationships with patients as they navigate some of their most personal issues – devoted to the patient experience. Our staff of clinically trained nursed educators is available to answer questions while shepherding patients from passive curiosity to treatment; bridging the gap in your sales funnels.