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Patient Activation – new book published by Baurys and Stinson

July 23, 2019

Introducing a new book release — Patient Activation: The 4 Steps to Move Health Care Consumers from Awareness to Activation.  Bob Baurys and Mark Stinson, who are experts in health and medical communications, are launching the book for health care marketers and providers.

book cover of Patient Activation

Patient Activation, new book on engaging health consumers. Moving from Awareness to Activation.

The concept of patient activation is important, because it has gained credence among clinicians, academics, and think-tanks worldwide. As a result, in this book, Baurys and Stinson share a fully-integrated system to move patients from awareness to action. Most relevant, it includes a step-wise process supported by a set of customized software and proprietary tools. Therefore, this system and 4-point model are designed to standardize and automate key functions.

Baurys says, “You’ll learn the definitions behind the 83bar 4-point process: LOCATE, EDUCATE, NAVIGATE, and ADVOCATE . Most of all, we are very transparent in sharing how 83bar clients (as well as other leading health care organizations) successfully use the model in a wide range of initiatives.”

Stinson added, “Likewise, we want to give you specific techniques, which can help you in applying the Patient Activation in your own organization.”

In the book’s introduction, Ben Chiarelli, founder and CEO of Cellibre, writes, “Helping to bring patients the confidence to take a more active role in managing their health has always been a limitation — until today. What if we could treat each patient as what they are: a unique n of 1? The patient activation approach is truly personalized care.”

In its first week, Patient Activation reached number 4 of best-selling new releases in Marketing on Amazon. For that reason, Baurys and other 83bar executives are featuring in industry conferences, panel presentations, and podcasts.

Book Information:

Title: Patient Activation: The 4 Steps to Move Health Care Consumers from Awareness to Activation
Authors: Bob Baurys, Mark Stinson
Softcover ISBN:  978-1722919498
Kindle ebook ASIN: B07VDTGSWQ
Pages: 186
Available on Amazon: Paperback $7.83; Kindle $3.83 (free with paperback purchase)