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Clinical Trials Patient Experience Summit invites 83bar pharma chief Kate Hermans to speak

September 16, 2019
Kate Hermans

Kate Hermans, chief business officer/pharma, at 83bar

  • Driving patient empowerment in clinical trials is topic for Kate Hermans, chief business officer, pharma
  • Talk will include case study on delivering personalization at scale
  • Sharing experience based on 83bar 4-step Patient Activation process in trial recruitment

Kate Hermans, chief business officer for pharma at 83bar LLC, present on driving patient empowerment at the 5th Annual Clinical Trials Patient Experience Summit hosted by Bristol-Myers Squibb on September 19, 2019.

“83bar has developed a fully integrated digital health technology and concierge platform that enables individualized patient activation at scale,” says Ms. Hermans. “The use of the platform for clinical trial recruitment has shown meaningful results for study sponsors, investigator sites, and patients.”

The presentation will include a case study on why delivering personalization at scale is not only necessary, but possible. Ms. Hermans will be among more than 100 senior-level pharma, clinical trials, technology, behavioral medicine and mHealth executives at the meeting to explore ways improve how clinical trials can connect patients with the resources they need and improve the patient experience.

The conference chair is Leyla Rich, associate director of diversity and patient engagement at Bristol-Myers Squibb. Other topics at the summit include:

  • Exploring patient engagement vs patient experience in clinical trials
  • Trial Design: patient lens and expectations before, during and after the trial
  • Dedicated site perspectives
  • The role of technology to improve the experience in meaningful way
  • Expanding access to clinical trials

As a presenter and gold sponsor, 83bar is offering a 50% off discount for registration using the code  83BAR50 (excludes patient advocates). 

About Clinical Trials PX Summit 

The Clinical Trials PX Summit focuses on ways for clinical trials to take advantage of new opportunities to become more patient-centric and leverage new strategies and technologies to connect all stakeholders in research; as well as improve clinical trial productivity by partnering with patients. In its fifth year, the summit is hosted by Bristol-Myers Squibb and will be held on the BMS campus in Princeton, NJ.  More information at

About 83bar, LLC

83bar, LLC, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the leading patient activation marketing agency. 83bar has developed a system that has been implemented by nearly three dozen name brands in health, medical, technology, and devices. The company has a database of more than 850,000 patient engagements over the past three years. Its four-step activation process is a system integrated to LOCATE prospective patients through risk assessment and health surveys; EDUCATE them to offer solutions and help them make informed decisions; NAVIGATE patients to action by appointment scheduling or service fulfillment; and through comprehensive follow-up, convert these patients to ADVOCATE on behalf of improved treatment and health care. Contact at