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83bar to expand its team; adds senior account management and business development

October 29, 2019

83bar, LLC, a healthcare marketing services company, today announced it will expand its team. Key hires include account management and digital strategy, along with doubling capacity in the Clinical Contact Center with additional nurse operators. Joining 83bar are Evan Bingen, business development and Julie Douglas, strategist and project lead.

“After a stringent search, we’ve been really fortunate to recruit A-players such as Evan and Julie to help take 83bar to the next level in 2020,” says Paul Egli, vice president of business development. “As we continue to expand strategically, they will help meet growth goals in the commercial and clinical trial markets for both our current and new clients.”

Mr. Bingen has more than six years of business development experience in the healthcare industry. He has led sales and strategy efforts in healthcare IT and physician practice organizations, ranging from startups to multi-billion dollar companies. Evan earned his BS in Business Administration with a focus on Enterprise Management from the University of Tennessee. He is a member of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE).

Ms. Douglas brings 14 years’ experience in planning and creating strategic healthcare marketing communications campaigns, targeting a variety of patient, healthcare professional, and business customers. She has worked with Boston Scientific, precisioneffect, McCann Health, and Harrison & Star. Julie earned an MS in marketing from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland; and a BS in Pharmacology from University of Bristol, Bristol, England.

The announcement to expand recognizes the company has been successfully reinforcing its focus as a “patient activation company” with its flagship product offerings. The four-part activation hub is integrated for pharma, device, diagnostic, and clinical trial sponsors.

“With the continued enhancements of our 83bar system and addition of new seasoned team members, we have enjoyed incredible growth and performance,” stated 83bar CEO Bob Baurys. “The medical marketing industry has been ready for a new approach, and we are now moving into a leading position.”

About 83bar, LLC

83bar, LLC, headquartered in Austin, Texas, is the leading patient activation marketing agency. 83bar has developed a system that has been implemented by nearly three dozen name brands in health, medical, technology, and devices. The company has a database of more than 850,000 patient engagements over the past three years. Its four-step activation process will LOCATE prospective patients through risk assessment and health surveys; EDUCATE them to offer solutions and help them make informed decisions; NAVIGATE patients to action by appointment scheduling or service fulfillment; and through comprehensive follow-up, convert these patients to ADVOCATE on behalf of improved treatment and health care. Contact at