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83bar, The patient activation company

April 18, 2018

83bar, the patient activation company, has introduced a new standardized, validated and fast turnaround marketing research platform for healthcare brands and providers. The service is called PressureTest.

The new PressureTest platform uses online ads to drive users to a landing page for a short assessment of the research stimuli.

“As the name suggests, clients can gain immediate feedback and measurable direction from their target audience. With an N of 100, marketers can gain directional feedback in a meaningful way,” says Alex Hildebrand, lead strategist at 83bar.

The online ads, landing page, quiz development and reporting can be applied to a national, regional or local sample. Clients provide up to 8 close-ended or forced-choice questions.

PressureTest has the capability to use visuals. There are a variety of options for data capture and reporting. PressureTest can be employed in various ways: brand positioning, product concept evaluation, creative visual preference, promotional message recall, competitive landscape analysis, patient satisfaction reporting, target profiling segmentation, and many more.

“Of course, what it is not is statistically validated quant research. However, how it is different is a well thought out, tested and systematic approach to predictable result at a fraction of the cost of a large study. Plus, it’s easier than a do-it-yourself online web survey,” said Hildebrand.

PressureTest uses the proven 83bar system of healthcare consumer outreach that has been used by device manufacturers, pharma companies, medical providers and healthcare services.

The PressureTest software was developed, built, and optimized to find answers very quickly. PressureTest follows the same foundational four-part methods as 83bar’s other patient activation campaigns: locate, educate, navigate, and advocate.

“PressureTest can do in days what I’ve seen other methodologies take weeks,” added Mark Stinson, head of account management for 83bar.

PressureTest has been used in several categories ranging from common dermatological conditions to rare digestive diseases. Pricing for PressureTest is a basic fixed price of $5,000 per test. For more information on PressureTest, contact at 83bar.