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83bar partners with up-and-coming  startups to locate, educate, and activate stakeholders

September 07, 2018


Austin, TX 83bar, the patient activation company, recently  announced that it has been engaged by four innovative startup companies looking to make health care more accessible and convenient for industry stakeholders.

83bar will utilize its patient activation system in varying ways for each of these startups to communicate with a targeted audience including patients, physicians, administrators, researchers, and investors.

“These four startups are part of a wave of companies changing the way we think and interact with health care,” said Robert Baurys, president and CEO of 83bar, LLC. “Our team is proud to partner with these entrepreneurs as they revolutionize health care.”

  • EpigenCare (, located in Farmingdale, NY, is changing how we think about skincare by measuring the epigenetic levels of multiple genes proven to functionally control skin aging, healthiness, and appearance. 83bar will utilize its patient activation system to locate consumers in search of  an alternative to the mass market approach to their skincare, and educate them on the EpigenCare testing platform, which navigates them to skincare brands that match their unique profile.
  • MedsForAll (, located in Seattle, WA, is transforming the autoinjector market. Their aim is to bring rescue drug autoinjectors to those who otherwise can’t afford one. The MedsForAll autoinjector is currently under development and is being created to be utilized with any medication that comes in a glass ampule and requires intramuscular delivery.  83bar will deploy its patient activation system to locate stakeholders in the autoinjector market who can provide insights on pain points and frustration among users. Stakeholders include patients, physicians, nurses, hospital administrators, and pharmacists.
  • SafKan (, located in Seattle, WA, is providing a solution for people suffering from cerumen (earwax) buildup. Impacted earwax has the potential to cause pain, hearing loss, and other problems. It usually occurs naturally, but is becoming a growing issue as people use different tools – ranging from cotton swabs to pens – to clean their ears. 83bar is deploying  its proprietary system to locate patients and physician interested in the SafKan OtoSet; the first automated and wearable cerumen removal device.
  • Yoderm (, located in Oakland, CA, is making dermatology more convenient and accessible to patients by offering online dermatology. By simply sending images of an affected area, patients are able to receive treatment from a U.S. board certified dermatologist, without the hassle of waiting weeks for an appointment or traveling to a doctor’s office. 83bar has been utilizing its patient activation system to locate patients and then navigating them to the Yoderm online subscription portal.

“83bar has a shared mission with each of these startups, to help make healthcare more personalized,” said Baurys.