More patients deserve access to advanced diagnostics and precision medicine

April 11, 2019

Healthcare is moving increasingly towards personal approaches, tailoring treatments based on each patient’s unique disease. Precision medicine is well-established in oncology, with many cancers now characterized by their unique genomic alterations.

In the past few years, the FDA has approved several treatments based on an individual’s genetic makeup or genetic variants of his or her disease. And now precision medicine is an integral part of many pharmaceutical companies development strategy.

What’s more, diagnostics will play an even greater role in the future because it won’t be used just as an upfront one-time tool, rather as an ongoing tool to assess the biology of a tumor or other disease development.

At 83bar we have been involved in such companion diagnostic and treatment developments in precision medicine. What’s more, we’ve proven our ability to help accelerate the development and innovation in precision medicine using our patient activation process.

We’re helping to accelerate the recruitment in clinical trials, as well as tp expand patient utilization in day to day medical practice. We can expect that the complexity of diseases and the use of biomarkers will change over time and the technologies we use to reach patients will certainly evolve as well.

In a paper recently published in JAMA Oncology, it was reported that fewer than 5% of patients benefited from genome driven targets therapy in 2018. Clearly, some patients can benefit from precision medicine, but we have a long way to go to deliver the promise of precision medicine to everyone. In addition, companies in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries know this is the way forward, but face significant hurdles.

A PWC survey of global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry show that 92% have identified precision medicine as an opportunity and 84% have it on their corporate agenda, but most companies have yet to harness the full potential of precision medicine.

So we’re looking forward to helping clients keep up with the science and new approaches to medicine that will ensure continued momentum. This includes the co-development of therapies and diagnostics that will improve the success rate and address many of the challenges of current personalized therapies.

We know precision medicine needs faster growth and the application of our 83bar Patient Activation System holds great potential in immune-related therapies, neurologics, and cardiovascular medicine. It’s all part of our ability to identify more patients, educate them on the benefits of this multifaceted approach, and navigate them to the best available patient care.