Marketers’ next frontier: Personalization

October 13, 2019

Many innovators see personalization as the next frontier for marketers.

personalization is next frontier for marketers

Karla Davis, ULTA Beauty

Karla Davis, senior director of integrated marketing and media for ULTA Beauty, supports this view. She says, “Our guests crave a deep emotional connection with our brand and we are working hard to leverage new tools in AI and AR to truly personalize our communication with our guests. I believe we are on the verge of a shift in how consumers react to the juggernaut of influence marketing. I think we will start to see a shift to more peer to peer communication grounded in a desire or a greater sense of community with people that are part of their existing social networks.” (source: ADWEEK )



chief business officer of pharma

Kate Hermans, 83bar

That point was echoed in a talk by Kate Herman, chief business officer for Pharma at 83bar. She said, “It’s not only possible, but it’s necessary!”

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