How the “advocate” phase of our process helps trial recruitment

April 19, 2019

Pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, and diagnostic makers are working diligently to align with key stakeholders such as healthcare providers and payers in order to bring clinical trials as a care option to patients. Currently, it is estimated that fewer than 1% of the population in the U.S. participates in clinical trials, yet 72% say they would if recommended by a doctor.

New technologies have the potential to drive change and specifically we have the ability to provide tools that bridge the gap between pharma, physicians, and patients. This would mean more patients are given the option by their doctors to participate in a clinical trial as a care option.

This is where the fourth step of the 83bar process comes into play: Advocate.

As always, patient enrollment has been a challenge for clinical R & D and with a model where the entire ecosystem is working together we could see an uptake in patient enrollment, giving pharma the statistical data they need to move a trial forward faster.

By having more clinical trial patients and their physicians advocate on behalf of the study, we are seeing an up-tick in the number of patients who enroll in more trials via these recommendations.

While there is a long road ahead and challenges to be overcome, we are seeing change now.

Patients are going to help drive this forward as they advocate and demand to have clinical trials as an option. Physicians will continue to jump on board and look for ways to engage. We can see technology as the foundation for connecting more stakeholders and providing the glue that can hold them together.