How 83Bar employs the defining qualities of a “gig economy” to build a successful company

March 28, 2019

The rise of the gig economy is empowering professionals to maximize their freedom and choose journeys over jobs. And the people of 83bar are no different.

According to Morgan Stanley, within 10 years, freelance workers may represent more than 50% of the U.S. working population, leaving big questions as to what are the implications for corporations and corporate cultures. Shifting demographics, digitalization and the desire for greater job satisfaction could redesign the landscape of global employment into a freelance driven model in the coming years, presenting benefits and challenges to corporations, the staffing industry, and the freelancers, themselves.

At 83bar we are a small, growing marketing services company that is taking full advantage of this new work economy. With our technology considered one of the biggest drivers of our connectivity innovation in products and services, we’re taking full advantage of all kinds of team members: full-time on site, full-time remote, commission-based business development executives, technology services providers, freelance creatives, and a network of nurse operators and educators working the hours they determine.

Like many companies, we view a flexible work source as a way to improve our speed, efficiency, flexibility, and costs, as well as to attract creative talent in new and different ways. At the same time, we are always working to meet the challenge to maintain our collective team energy, our dynamic corporate culture, and our skill continuity created by a consistent team interaction supported by technology.

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