Digital Health Conferences 2019: Leadership Potential

January 28, 2020

Key members of the 83bar management team participated in major digital health conferences last year.

The 83bar team included Bob Baurys, CEO, and members of our sales, business development, operations, and strategy teams: Paul Egli, Amanda Jarrett, Kate Hermans, Alex Hilderbrand and Mike Zangrilli.

We applaud the sponsors of these conferences who took an active role in bringing together a broad mix of thought leaders in “digital health” — life science companies and their supplier partners, academia, researchers, advocacy groups, government, industry organizations, and more.

• “Patient centricity” is being elevated at each stage of the drug development and healthcare delivery process.

• Patient initiatives that address diversity in trials and access are growing. Companies are appointing executives with titles like “chief digital officer“ and “chief innovation officer” to help direct these initiatives. They are attracting talent and investment from across life sciences and from Silicon Valley.

• Devices and pharmaceuticals are now integrating in one treatment solution. Diagnostics are pairing with devices and/or pharmaceuticals to enhance the use of real-world data in the treatment paradigm.

• Clinical and commercial teams are co-operating to share “voice of the customer” patient data in aggregate to accelerate the commercialization process of bringing the right medicines to the right patients. Choosing the right path, and the right partners, will impact the ability to advance each company’s vision. The future potential of digital health is not a question –rather it is who can execute.

Connect to these meetings for 2020

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BioPharma eMarketing Summit


Clinical Trials Patient Experience Summit

CNS Summit