Technology-driven concierge platform better serves patients as consumers

May 08, 2018

In every industry, a product or service is being sold to a consumer. The healthcare industry is unique because educating and having a conversation with a consumer about their healthcare is very personal and technically complex. As a healthcare marketing agency, we’ve always treated our audience as patients, and are experts in converting these patients to consumers of their own healthcare.

Working under the assumption that audiences are consumers and patients has created a state of awareness of the patient journey, but companies need a coherent map that illustrates the point of decision. The healthcare ecosystem is currently comprised of innovating and designing medicines, devices, and diagnostic tools, but without foresight of getting these treatment options in front of educated patient consumers. There are thousands of encounters and messages aimed at raising awareness of a product or service; it’s difficult for doctors to digest, and for patients to see past the technical jargon. The gap between being a patient and being an informed healthcare consumer can be filled by curating resources to help digest this information, understand the complexity, and make informed decisions. At 83Bar, we focus on closing this gap through our Patient Activation process, which results in a healthcare consumer ready to take control of their health.

We’re a technology-driven communication platform taking the outdated brick-and-mortar infrastructure out of the patient experience and  decentralizing the patient journey so that patients are having conversations where they feel most comfortable — in their home, in their backyard, on on their couch. They can be open and honest with an empathic and medically trained clinician who is educating and navigating them through the medical delivery system.

83Bar has completely integrated the process: from locating the patient early on in their discovery, to educating and navigating them through their options, and finally scheduling their appointment with a network of specialists who are experts in their disease state. To further support the patient, we track and monitor these patients to ensure that everything goes according to plan and they have what they need to move forward with their treatment plan.

What does this mean for our innovators, business partners? This is the first time you have a solution with real-time data and patient feedback that allows you to hold your service providers and partners accountable. We have measurable metrics. We can track exactly what’s going on at all times. The ROI is high, and the success is measurable and at your fingertips with a customized dashboard where data is collected, stored, and tracked.