Clinical Contact Specialists Wanted:
RNs Earn up to $30/hr working from home! LPNs/LVNs Earn $20/hr


Ready to change lives? We connect people with health needs to companies who care. That means we run online ads to find people in need of medical procedures or treatment, they ask for help or more information, and then our clinical contact specialists call them to set appointments. Right now we need a few more folks to help with those calls. That's where you come in.



Well, we are expanding our outreach team as our clients continue to grow. No, it's not cold calling, but there is persuasion involved. It is a soft medical sales position. The people our outreach team calls have requested information and typically want their health problem solved.



We are 83bar. Yes, that's our name. 83bar is the maximum amount of pressure a fire hose can put out, which describes what we do well for our clients. We work hard to make sure our clients can help as many people as possible. We're a company that believes in "doing well while doing good."



A few things. We work with cutting edge healthcare companies, which is always fun, and we're a virtual company. We have employees in Texas, Tennessee, Michigan, Kentucky and one who is traveling across the country (seriously, he is all over the place). We work online and enjoy what we do, but without the stuffy office.

And we're FLEXIBLE. You don't need to work full-time with us. Part-time is ideal.  We simply require a minimum commitment of 20 hours a week so that you can make a meaningful impact but have control over your time.

In fact, we've custom built a phone app so that you can do your job wherever you want to. You just need access to high speed Internet and a quiet room.

If you are smart, detail-oriented, like calling people, and have availability, you might be a fit for us. We have found that nurses have both the clinical knowledge and the empathy to succeed at setting appointments for our clients. Your job is to educate people about the life-changing services our clients have to offer. Bonus points if you've done outbound calling before or have previous sales experience. A background in healthcare is a must.

The key for our outreach team is responding immediately when a new consumer reaches out to us. We make it easy for you to "punch in" and "punch out", but if your schedule is too hectic and you can't react immediately to incoming requests, or cannot commit to a consistent 20 hour a week schedule, please do not apply.



Pay/RNs: Base + Commissions up to $30/hour (paid every two weeks with direct deposit)  LVNs/LPNs Base + Commissions $20/hour
Schedule: Because consumers reach out to us at all hours, we're staffing for many different time frames and would like to hear from you when you are available. This position will start as part-time, but can turn into full-time if you like us and we like you.
Location: We work remotely and you don't have to drive to work!



As you have probably figured out, our clients aren't your typical healthcare companies like a hospital or insurance provider. Instead, we work with creative, relatively new companies with innovative solutions trying to help people solve their health issues in new ways. These new companies need awareness and that's where we come in.

Here are a few examples of folks we work with:

  1. A DNA lab testing company that helps people discover if they are at risk of hereditary cancers.
  2. A services company that treats people with prediabetes and prevents them from developing Type II diabetes. One-third of adults have prediabetes!
  3. A joint pain management company with an innovative, non-invasive anti-inflammatory procedure for joint pain.


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