Breakout year in 2019: patient activation for trial recruitment

May 05, 2019

We’re poised to see 2019 as a breakout year for patient activation as applied to clinical trial recruitment.

After spending the better part of a year in proof of concept phase, we can now say definitively that the principles of our 83bar Patient Activation system can be effectively applied to accelerate and expand patient recruitment in trials for drugs, devices, diagnostics, and even digital health modalities.

The digitization of clinical trials is certainly a big trend that we are tracking and participating in. While many digital applications are being explored – including wearable technologies, IoT (the internet of things), data analytics, operations, and artificial intelligence – we see many of the basics of our proven system still have a great deal of opportunity.

Pharma companies are looking to make not just incremental effect, but rather faster progress toward their vision of accelerated recruitment.  And we’ve seen the benefits of the 83bar system compared to traditional methods are:

  • speed,
  • efficiencies,
  • cost savings, and
  • access to a wider, more diverse patient population.

One of our goals for the new year is to enable even greater collaboration between all stakeholders in the clinical trial landscape. In doing so, we can optimize each component of the clinical development value chain.

And, as our learnings expand, we’ll continue to apply them to more and more use cases.

To learn more about how 83bar patient activation can work in your clinical study, drop us a note at