Ask more questions – and learn more

August 26, 2019

The industry norm is to ask 2-3 questions, so that you get as few entry points as possible for data collection.

We take a different approach based on our extensive experience.

We typically average between eight and 18 questions. Every single question in our surveys might lose 1% to 1.5% of people who start; and we’re okay with that, because each question is a micro-commitment and helps us learn if the patient is qualified or not.

By the end, we know that they will be prepared for a call from one of our nurses to share education and navigation information with them.

WIFM applied to patient activation – What patients ask

Patients want to know: “Can this product help me? Will this clinical trial work for me? Is this procedure right for me? Could it help my friend or loved one?”

For this reason, all of our outreach, risk assessments, and surveys take a patient point of view.

Overall, the approach is to “ask”, not “tell.”  (No wonder we’d say, “How could this approach improve your patient engagement?” Find our when you contact us


ask more questions

we prefer to ask, not tell