A mistake we made for a long time and what happened when we addressed it

July 15, 2019

Here is one mistake we made for a long time:  thinking the conversation was one-to-one.

It was never just one-to-one.

We are talking to the patient, then the patient is going to talk to her family or friends, her social circle. Yet she left our call and might only remember two or three points. She can recall very little of what was said except for the highlights. That’s why we started to create tools, mostly in print and downloadable PDF, which allow the patient to go home and communicate to a spouse. She can get family support behind her. Because if she is supported by the family, this patient will keep the appointment, come back for follow up, adhere to the protocol, and so on.

For example, we did an optimal thyroid program for one of our clients, and by putting out a simple eight-page booklet guide, we helped people with hypothyroidism explain it and show we understood why they felt the way they do. This pushed us from a high 40% conversion rate to over 75%